Complexity Gaming Opens Its Professional Gamer HQ near Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys’ Newest Neighbors

Complexity Gaming has a brand-new
home, and it is just a few steps from the Dallas Cowboys’ World

The esports franchise has recently opened doors to the
GameStop Performance Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas. This newest facility
will serve as a training area for Complexity’s athletes, coaches, and front
office management.

The Founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming, Jason Lake said in
a press
release: “We see the opening of our new headquarters as a critical step
toward the professionalization of the esports industry overall and our vision
for Esports 3.0. Given our organization’s deep history, we are excited to
continue this journey with an unprecedented facility that will drastically
improve the lives of our players and provide a permanent home at The Star in
Frisco for our fans old and new.”

State-of-the-art Facilities

Designed by leading design firm ICRAVE, the GameStop
Performance Center features some state-of-the-art facilities. It has a public
area and retail space for visitors as well as cutting-edge performance
facilities for team members. Special areas are available, such as:

Advanced Training Rooms

Training rooms that can mimic main stage competition

Mind Gym

In partnership with Mamba Sports Academy and HyperX, the
Mind Gym will feature proprietary training software, high-end equipment for
performance training.

Decompression Porch

A recovery area that is outfitted with recovery equipment,
cryotherapy, nap pods, flowing natural light, and calming music designed for
mental relaxation.

Innovation Lab

Where they will develop and test products to enhance the
industry standard for esports wellness.

Miller Lite Player Lounge

A space for relaxation, the Miller Lite Player Lounge will
also feature a video wall, where Complexity can watch and support other esports
teams during competitions. Miller Lite beer will be available on tap for the
players on the legal drinking age.

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Stream Studio

A studio which can create high-quality content in real time.
Additionally, Complexity’s content team will be able to use the space’s
versatility for filming original content.

The Future of esports

“We believe GameStop is the cultural center for gaming
across every local neighborhood, and the GameStop Performance Center will
become the epicenter for esports training where amateurs can gain access to
insights and strategy from some of the best professionals in esports,” said
Frank Hamlin, Chief Marketing Officer, GameStop. “It doesn’t get any better for
amateurs of all ages looking to learn and compete at the highest level with
this state-of-the-art training facility.”

Complexity has also partnered with a variety of industry
leaders, such as GameStop, MSI, HyperX, Planar, and MillerCoors.

Complexity has been constructing business relationships to
further advance the esports industry. The company has engaged the esports
community globally and locally. They aim to share and develop solutions that
will prevent esports injuries and prolong the professional careers of esports
athletes. With the rise of esports, the company is also striving to build
meaningful esports experiences.

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