Diablo 2 fan remake gets a new release in anticipation of Diablo 2: Resurrected

Reports of an official remake of Diablo 2 from Blizzard have been picking up over the past couple of weeks, but fans have been keeping the classic PC game intact for years. Last year we spoke to one modder who has given Diablo 2 a refresh and keeps it up to date like Blizzard even never left it. Project Diablo 2 isn’t the only fan-made rework around, though. Another popular one is called The Curse of Tristram, though the team behind it are about to move on.

“With the upcoming Diablo 2: Resurrected announcement in a couple of days by Blizzard (rumour), we decided to polish and release an unfinished version of The Curse of Tristram on Battlenet this weekend (February 12, 2021),” Modder Egod123 explains on YouTube. “This version is definitive and final and includes everything we made so far.”

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The Curse of Tristram is a fan remake of Diablo 2 Act 1 that you can find in Starcraft 2’s Arcade. It features new items to farm, fresh economies to master, and can be played with up to four friends on normal, nightmare, and hell difficulties. The team even holds weekly events to keep things fresh.

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