Fortnite’s Newest LTM Junkyard Juke Mixes Prop Hunting and Stealth

Newest Fun-filled LTM

Fans of the massively successful battle royale shooter
Fortnite are in for a treat with the newest LTM (Limited Time Mode). Called the
Junkyard Juke, it looks loads of fun, and it’s coming straight from the
Fortnite Creative World Cup.

Props VS Shooters

The whole mode will have four teams battle against one
another. Then one team takes a turn, transforming themselves into props of
different sizes to try to sneak their way into an incinerator at the middle of
the map.

The remaining teams will stand atop a tower trying to shoot
those mysterious gnomes, trash bins, and water heaters. To add more spice, the
shooting team will periodically have their sight blocked by a giant black
screen, and the ‘props’ on the ground can see a red and green light which
indicates when they’re safe to move.

Bigger sized objects score you higher points, but remember
that they’re larger means they’re easier targets. There are also loads of
difficult-to-spot tires that bounce you into the air exposing you and ruining
your strategy. The team with the highest points wins, and the other three will
have to try harder the next time.

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The second Fortnite Creative World Cup Stage is now available.?

Here’s everything you need to know about Junkyard Juke. ?

— Fortnite News (@FortniteINTEL) August 9, 2019

The newest LTM looks promising and fun, not to mention
designed well enough to be featured in the Fortnite World Cup. The routes
for exiting the spawning area will provide players with enough options to sneak
around and use stealth more efficiently. Overall, the design seems to be
executed thoughtfully, and you won’t get unfairly caught on architectures and

Want to get more hyped for Season X, watch the trailer

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