GreedFall Showcases Stealth, New Skills, And Romance in Latest Game-Play Trailer

Stealth and Romance

Good news for those anticipating the upcoming
pseudo-historical action RPG, GreedFall. Expected to be released on September
10th, a brand-new gameplay overview trailer was rolled out today.

The overview was packed with updates and mentions character
creation, available classes, action and stealth, and, of course, romance with
party members. 

A Bit Like Dragon Age?

It’s quite a list, with fans commenting on YouTube that it
is quite similar to the tone and feel of Dragon Age: Inquisition. And not just
for the romance vibes, either. The trailer starts off with the character
creation screen, giving us a glimpse at all the grandeur, detail, and brass
buttons of the fantasy island. 

As for the combat system, GreedFall’s has magic, melee, and
a “tactical pause option” that puts a stop on the fight and enables
you to pick a target and ability. Looks promising and we are hoping that it
leads to some great RPG fundamentals. After all, having the ability to
micromanage your party during challenging fights is an excellent mechanic.

Choose Your Adventure

The trailer also showcases other features like dialogue that
affects how encounters play out, skill trees that let you approach quests in
different ways, such as lockpicking or crafting bombs. You can also customize
weapons and armor for a unique experience.

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If the developers manage to pull it off, then that is some
combination right there. However, finding a perfect balance between stealth
action and RPG-style combat is quite tricky.

Companions seem to play an essential role in your adventure.
The trailer shows some quest cutscenes where the protagonist can choose
dialogue to encourage their party members. Interestingly, if you decided to
pursue a romantic relationship that is fine, but if they don’t care for your
leadership method, then you may end as enemies instead.

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