How to Find MAC Address on Windows 10?

Knowing your Windows 10 MAC address may not be a valuable piece of information for most users. However, if you are a bit more tech-savvy, and into network troubleshooting or network management, this type of information may prove to be essential.
If you are a professional, with a few years’ experience, in this department, you are probably more than aware of the ways how to discover this type of information. Nonetheless, if you are just starting in this field, the following suggestions will probably be more than helpful.
How to Find MAC Address on Windows 10
As you may guess, there are multiple ways to discover your Windows 10 MAC address and here, you are going to be introduced to the three most common ones.
How to Find MAC Address on Windows 10 with the Command Prompt
One of the more popular ways is with the help of Command Prompt, which presents a straightforward process and is consisted of the following steps:
First, type “Command Prompt” in the Search Box

and left-click it when it appears in the results.

After that, you need to type “ipconfig /all” in the Command Prompt and press “Enter”.

Once you do that, Command Prompt will list a whole bunch of information that includes, among others, your MAC address, that can be seen under “Physical Address”.

How to Find MAC Address on Windows 10 through the Control Panel
Another way you can get to your MAC address on Windows 10 is through the Control Panel:
If you opted for this one, you need to enter the Control Panel, which can be achieved by typing “Control Panel” in the Search Box

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and left-clicking it when it appears in the results.

Once you do that, you should go to “Network and Internet”

and select “Network and Sharing Center”.

After that, enter your network connection

and go to “Details”.

Now, you will be able to see your MAC address written on the screen, next to “Physical Address”.

How to Find MAC Address on Windows 10 through the Taskbar
Other than these two, there is also a third way to find out your MAC address – through the Taskbar:
In this process, you are required to enter your Network Settings, by left-clicking the network icon, which is usually located left from the clock, and find your Network among the listed connections.

Once you find it, enter its “Properties”

and scroll down until you get to the “Properties” section, where you will see your MAC address under the “Physical Address”.

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