How to Make a Simple Diaper Cake Tutorial

Baby Shower Diaper Cake is an arrangement of rolled diapers stacked in such a way as to look like a multi-layered cake. You can make a simple diaper cake using colored ribbon to match the theme along with some artificial flowers or just a themed soft toy topper. If you want to go a bit further, you can decorate the cake with pacifiers, lotions, bibs, rattles, toys, towels, socks, pants, baby nail clippers etc. Diaper cake makes a perfect baby shower centerpiece and a thoughtful gift for the mommy-to-be.

How to Make a Diaper Cake!

For this video, we used 56 diapers in total. It is very easy to follow I hope you’ll give it a try! I personally think that this is one of the easiest and also the fastest way to make a spectacular diaper cake! Instead of rolling each diapers, we will be layering each diapers which saves you heaps of time and also time for mommy-to-be as she won’t need to unroll them afterwards.

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What you need:

Top Layer: 19 diapers
Bottom layer: 37 diapers
1.5″ Ribbon
Cotton Thread
Paper tube
7″ and 12″ baking pans

*Instead of cotton thread you can use large rubber bands and also pots if you do not have baking pans

Creative Diaper Cakes!

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