HyperX Launches Its First Gaming Keyboard Fitted with Own Switch Design

HyperX’s Newest Tech

Technology’s HyperX has been a resident in the keyboard industry for a few
years now, and like its competitors, it also frequently uses Cherry MX or Kailh
key switches.

However, today at Computex
2019, HyperX has announced the first keyboard to use a new key switch
design that is manufactured by the company as well.

Alloy Origins

Called the Alloy
Origins, HyperX’s switches are based on standard reds, which are a hot pick
for competitive professional gamers due to their responsiveness.

Some modifications are made as HyperX has tweaked the red
design further. They also cut the travel distance and actuation point down to
3.8mm and 1.8mm respectively. We can see that it is 0.2mm lower than a standard
Cherry MX red switch.

Basically, if you are a gamer who is into red switches, and
fancied them to be even redder, then you would surely like Alloy Origins’
design. However, if you use your keyboard for typing more than for gaming, it
may not appeal to you.

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Coming Soon

The Alloy Origins is a full-sized keyboard with a trim aluminum
frame. HyperX has also retrofitted the keyboard with “black pudding”
translucent keycaps, which looks good. There is also a variation with more
demure black caps if you would like something more discreet.

HyperX’s newest collection will surely cater to the need of
gamers around the world. And with specialized keyboards available, like water-resistant
keyboards, the Alloy Origins is a welcome addition.

The Alloy Origins will be available in the third quarter of
this year.

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