KONIX launches its gaming desks!

Gaming chairs, gaming monitors, gaming headsets, gamer’s arsenal is still increasing over the years. It is thus not surprising to see gaming desks making their way into the market. This new accessory is essential for gamers as it offers what PC gamers need: a space adapted to their beloved gaming setup. On these desks you can put at least one gaming monitor, a gaming headset, a keyboard, a mouse, a gaming desktop. The height of these desks is also made to suit the height of a gaming chair.
KONIX cares about the pride and joy gamers feel when playing, which is why we decided to launch our own gaming desks.
This gaming desk is available for approximately 150€ and measures 43 inch long and 23 inch in height, which is ideal for children wanting to play in the same gaming desk as adults would too. It is made from chipboard, a reconstituted wood (made of shavings and glue) that offers a rough and textured look. Its carbon fiber finish makes the desk fell lighter and stronger. Bonus! The desk also has a cup and a helmet holder, as well as accessory to hide cables because as Molière would say: “Cover this wire which I cannot behold!”
For about 200€, you can also have our “Frigg” gaming desk which measure 45 inch, made of MDF, (Medium-density fibreboard) which gives a neat look and a smooth texture. It is also covered with carbon fiber. This desk is therefore longer in length, but has the same accessories as its colleague so don’t be jealous!
Both tables, available by the end of September 2020, have a maximum load of 60 kg, which is enough to display your setup without fear of breaking your precious gaming desk. Naturally, each gaming desks come with easy instructions so that you can easily built the new companion to your gamer setup.

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