List of Top 10 Android App Development Companies in 2021

What might be the one invention that has altered our day to day life in this century?
It is a mobile phone. To communicate with anybody on the go was a wonder itself. And now our information technology has enabled us to do all kinds of tasks via the small rectangular box.
From texting to sharing videos, gaining knowledge, booking a ride or ordering food, playing games, and even storing all the information- our mobile phones are our assistants now. The applications or apps define the various activities we can perform via the phone- so the popularity of these apps is incredible. If you have an excellent idea of an app and want to launch it- now is the perfect opportunity. You can now make an impact on the global audience via your app.
The world is now depending upon the phone more than ever, and so many schools and offices have more or less been replaced by a collection of apps. Students attend online classes via video calling apps, submit assignments via some apps and even communicate with the help of some apps. So it is the prime time to invest in the top mobile app development companies, to come up with the applications best suited for your target audience.
But here is the catch- there are a few kinds of operating systems in the market, like android, iOS, Windows, etc. Each of these has different compatibilities and requirements. So if your app is suitable for an Apple product, android users cannot avail of it. Though Apple products are targeting a more distinct and brand-dependent audience, android is the go-to application for most of the users worldwide. It is for the cost-effectiveness, and also the wide range of products and features. So investing in an android app is the most plausible way to succeed.
If you are unsure of which to go for the android application development services, here is the list of brands you can consider

Tekrovel is a leading android app development company in the United States. Google has certified this team to make businesses grow by making the perfect app for them. They are known for building a highly engaging and effective interface. The apps are also secure and stable. Tekrevol makes apps for all the android gadgets, like mobile, TV, tablet, and wearable devices. This company has years of app-building experience in health, news, vehicle, business, communication, shopping, social, entertainment, finance, etc. No matter what the type of your app requirement is, you can trust this company. Tekrevol is capable of turning your dream into reality. They can make customized apps leveraging all the modern technologies. They can build the UI/UX, and also test them to make sure the apps are of the required quality. They are currently offering white level android app solutions- for streaming and automotive industries with AI-based voice assistant features. Visit their website and request a price quote right now!

If you require excellent android apps, Messapps is the company to go. As one of the leading android app development companies in the US, it excels in innovative and fresh applications. Their apps have been featured in the top tech media too. It also creates native android app development to boost the user experience. They can go through your existing app, audit and suggest developments and test the apps after developing them. Messapps know that a detailed user interface can increase customer retention manifolds, so its special UI team takes extra care to make the perfect UI for all the projects. From tiny startups to giant corporations, this company has tested its hands on all types of projects with a varied set of the target audience. Their niches include transport and logistics, enterprise, education and training, customized entertainment apps, MVP for startups, property management app, fitness and wellness apps, and healthcare apps. Hire the experts for all your android app related requirements.

Intellectsoft has proved itself as one of the most reliable android app development companies by its services for over a decade. You can go here for android apps suitable for mobile, TV, and even wearables, regardless of the brand and industry associated. Its client base includes the company of a luxury hotel, smart fridges, and wellness treatment. And its working experience has niches like fintech, travel, wellness, healthcare, sports, e-commerce, and IoT apps. They first analyze your requirement, build up a team and create technical documents. Then use a suitable methodology to code and test regularly. It conveys to you the tiniest of developments, and you both can be on the same page this way. Even after the app launch, it takes care of the bugs and continues the regular maintenance with 24/7 support. To know more about its app development process, visit Intellectsoft website and talk to the team directly.

Cleveroad is one of the finest android app development companies to provide you quality native apps for all types of complexity. It uses platform-specific models like Java and Kotlin. Its engineers make sure the apps are compatible with all the versions of the android devices and its customized solution is specified for your unique needs and pain points. The average project length of its streaming app is seven months, and travel and fitness are four months. While it is nine months for warehouse, five months for agriculture, and six months for Retail industries. Cleveroad uses the latest technologies like big data, computer vision, warehouse inventory, IoT expertise, Google resources, and media expertise to maximize user gratification and to make your business thrive. It uses Firebase, SQLite, and Realm databases and RxJava, Roboelectronic, Espresso, Mockito, and JUnit frameworks to have a faster compilation and experience. To avail of its expertise and trust, contact its teams now.

It is one of the famous app developers that designs and develops custom app development for enterprise businesses and startups. It has developed and launched 2000+ apps on the Google play store, and those have more than 10 million downloads and developed more than ten unique features for its customers. To develop native android apps, its seniors use frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Ionic (LEss), Phonegap (Old), Xemrin (Old). It gives high performance by using languages like C, C++, Java, Kotlin, Html, and CSS. And it has developed apps in the niches of storage and media, health and fitness, education and learning, travel, and tourism. It develops your android apps, designs the user interface, builds the web-based apps, offers app porting, gives out consultation, and tests the apps for the maximized user experience. Its apps were featured in The Telegraph, Financial Times, the Guardian, BBC, Bloomberg, etc. Talk to their experts for your specific queries.

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With 150+ projects and the experience and reputation of more than a decade, Simpalm has secured its position as a leading android application development company in the industry. This top android app developer in the USA has experts specialized in all kinds of android niche. It has extraordinary customer support and offers budget-friendly options to make a custom app. The client is the base of its business, and Simpalm knows how to value them. That is why it updates the client with all the information and asks for feedback in the regular meetings. It provides you full UI/UX development services, maximizes the product quality while minimizing the cost, has commendable security of the information, and can build the backend in cloud-based systems like Amazon AWS. It also has training and placement support for talented and interested candidates. Hire their developers or work with them to know about the best android app you have imagined.

With hundreds of applications in the portfolio, Zazz is now one of the top android app developers worldwide. Its skills and knowledge always provide the customers’ high-quality apps that boost the business recognition and client trust for years. Their team of professional app developers and well prepared and ready to take up any challenge on their way. With millions of users worldwide, they have developed a substantial presence on the platform. This trusted agency excels at innovating features for the apps and using advanced technology to provide a full range of services that match the needs of the clients. They use frameworks like Ionic, Phonegap, and Onsen UI for the native and cross-platform based apps. Its full-stack android development team can make apps for all the countries by the advanced language and frameworks. Contact its site for more details about it.

As a leading android app development company, Peerbits can transform your local business into a global brand thriving in the market. If you have an outline of your app in your mind, it has the power of bringing them into reality. Its client base has SiliconIndia, ISO, Nasscom Foundation, etc. Its experienced android app developers give you dynamic apps that are scalable, robust, and top-notch in quality and services. The high-performing and full-fledged apps can support your enterprise. And these can meet all the demands of yours and your customers. You can even opt for a consultancy before making the first step of your app development so you can clear all your doubts regarding the best and suitable practices of android apps. Peerbits also specializes in transferring your apps into other services and let the users get a top-quality experience all the time with utmost efficiency.

AppChopper is known for working with the owners’ mentality to build all kinds of android apps that fetch you a steady flow of revenues. Be it android TV, mobile, tablet, or wearables- the apps can surprise you with beautiful and scalable app designs. Its apps are suitable with Android Q and the older versions and work smoothly for over 24k android devices. It utilizes and leverages the right tools for all app parts like Java, Kotlin, dynamic backend, material design, digital wellbeing, and custom API. AppsChopper works hard to provide up to date apps regularly so you can continue using them seamlessly even in the time when a new android version or an advanced feature comes to the market every few months. They follow Google android design and quality guidelines, so you do not have to worry about low-quality products or compromise any industry norms. Their testing team makes sure the app is free of any glitches, and the high-quality coders bring only the best to the tables.

Brainvire android app development services design the apps specially to take your business to the next level. The skilled, dynamic, and experienced team of app developers can make your dream come true by making the exact app you envisioned. They might even add some extra features according to their market research, so every penny of your budget will be worth it. The top-notch and quality apps have appealing feels and lets you quickly switch over the pages. Their experts are capable of making a prototype with the most effective features with minimized cost, so you can enjoy world-class apps that offer high-quality performance and have a broad user base without breaking your bank. Their fully customized android apps are compatible with mobile, TV, tablet, and wearables, have an interactive and user-friendly interface, and smooth navigation along with all other required functionalities. Visit their website for consultation and quote.
There are so many android app developers worldwide in this day and age. Here we have presented you with the top developing companies, so you can utilize your budget to the fullest and get only the high-performing top-class android apps for all your requirements.

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