New Warzone map reportedly arrives in April, after Verdansk explodes

Fans have been wondering for some time when Call of Duty: Warzone would get a new map, and it’s looking increasingly likely that the answer is April, alongside the launch of Cold War Season 3. As in-game teasers have started to indicate an explosive conclusion to Season 2 in Warzone, a new report suggests we’re getting a properly revamped map to fit in with the theme of Cold War.

VGC reports that Season 2 will be the last to take place on Verdansk, and an “explosive” event at the end of the season will bring us back to the 1980s, to a setting more fitting of Cold War. The new map, then, would be filled with locations pulling from the Black Ops series, which is something leakers have been hinting at for some time.

The current battle pass concludes on April 22, so that’s almost certainly the start of Season 3, pending any potential delays. According to the report, this map revamp was originally scheduled to hit closer to the launch of Cold War, but “several factors” have seen the update pushed back.

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If you’re bored of Verdansk and looking for something free to hop into, the new Cold War Outbreak mode is free for the week.

We’ve got guides if you need ’em – check out the Warzone yellow access card location or the best FARA 83 loadout in Warzone for some help.

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