Online Game of Deception, Project Winter, Ends Early Access, Adds New Features

Multiplayer with A Twist

The goal for six out of the eight players in Project Winter team is to survive a frozen
tundra long enough to escape. However, the two remaining players’ goal is
deception. These two must blend into the team, and when the time is right,
betray them. The betrayers’ main objective is to stop the others from escaping.

It’s an interesting concept, and this week it will finish
its three-month-long early access. Following the end of early access, update
1.0 will add new weapons and maps.

New Updates

The new weapons, the crossbow and the tranquilizer gun, are
both ranged and relatively silent. The tranquilizer is an interesting choice of
weapon for the traitors because it will prevent players from using proximity
chat, text chat, or radio chat when hit. However, the players emote will still
be a communication option.

The two traitors know each other’s identity. So, if you’re
one of the two, it is in your best interest to silence anyone that caught you. Killing
them off will prevent your identity from being exposed.

There is an area that spawns once per map which contains an
armory. In this new building, you will have a high chance of finding these new

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The three new maps that are included in the 1.0 update will
have potential sabotage spots for better gameplay.

More to Come

The developers, Other
Ocean Interactive, have said that they’ll be slowing down on new content
releases to once per month, rather than every two weeks. This is to give them
“a bit more breathing room and [to] make sure we release polished features.”
Despite that, players are assured that bug fixes will come more regularly.

The next major update set for June 20th will aim
to improve and repair objectives. They will add ragdoll physics, and give each
player a stats page among others.

The game looks promising and offers players a unique take on
survival multiplayer. Project Winter is available on Steam.

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