Red Dead Online’s weekly update increases intake from Moonshiner sales

It looks like it’s going to be a fittin’ week to make some money in Red Dead Online. While Rockstar Games typically reveals what’s in store later on in the day, players have been mulling around following today’s reset to see what’s new. The western game refreshes itself in the morning UK time, so why wait?

This week players have found heaps of goodies related to Red Dead Online’s Moonshiner role. There’s a 50% bonus on moonshiner sales and 40% off the Moonshiner role itself. You can also find 30% off Moonshiner-related clothing, upgrades, and weapons. Madam Nazar’s Moonshiner accessories are also 30% off. If you missed out on the Moonshiner update, it added a role to the game that is all about illicit distilling and hucking your wares for profit.

Elsewhere, you’ll find that targeted races are offering double rewards. So if you need a break from running an illicit smuggling company, there’s an option there for you. If you fancy sprucing yourself up, you can also find 40% off all pants, shirts, and the neat centre-parted haircut.

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If you’d like a full rundown on what’s on offer, you can find a video below from Dirty Tyler:

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