Siros H5D Headphones Review: For The Budget Traveler

The Certified Traveling Buddy

There is this massive group of people with specific routine
and demands. Guys who travel frequently and are in a constant state of hunting
plane ticket promos and the like. Understandably these people have a standard
set of things they carry with them. One of them is headphones. The word ‘promos’
mentioned above means blowing cash on uber-expensive headphones is unlikely.

Certified budget-oriented ‘Wanderlust’ will find ways to
save money in every way possible that will help them travel more. Therefore a
pair of decent wireless noise-canceling headphones, though essential for
travelers, is a hard buy. Especially when ANC headphones by top brands cost a fortune.

Being a travel enthusiast myself, this concern is close to my heart. That is why when the Siros H5D entered my retail radar, I couldn’t help but check them out to find out if they were the answer I was looking for.

Our Verdict

Siros H5D features some phat bass output and stylish design; however, ANC audio performance is not exactly top-notch.


Great bass



ANC tends to reduce sound quality

Build And Design

The Siros H5D’s pure black exterior exudes quiet class that will call to your inner socialite. If I were unaware of the price, I would have imagined these to be a premium pair. They looked large at first glance but shortly settled right in. The H5D weigh 7.58 ounces. You can be sure that they won’t encumber your head. I also love how the design and overall frame is discreet and will add some style during my time on the move.


The Siros H5D headband is well padded. It is soft to touch
and sinks in comfortably. If you are worried about size, the headband is
adjustable, so you can quickly fix the fit for maximum comfort.

Ear Cups

The H5D’s large well-cushioned ear cups feel premium and
will cocoon your ears. The earpads are encased in soft protein faux leather
that mimics human skin. During my test, I noticed that my ears don’t get sweaty
after a long music binge, unlike other budget picks.


You get standard wireless headphone controls. The unit has a
power button, ANC toggle, track control, and volume buttons. I love how the H5D
did not position their track/volume buttons on the ear cup sides. The way they
put it on the cup itself makes it very convenient to reach and the button size
feels just about perfect.

Sound Quality

The Siros H5D 50mm drivers work well and are meant to
deliver solid bass. Acoustics are quite decent, but mids lack some definition.
Vocals sound right to me, yet one would struggle to get the superb clarity that
air audiophiles would be after.

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Overall, the Siros H5D is great for some recreational music
sessions. Still, if you seek exquisite musical precision, then it would be
better to look at more prominent brands like Bose, or Audio Technica.

Noise Cancelling

The ANC on these headphones is decent at best. They manage
to block out even some low-frequency sounds, but balance is impaired, as they
also hamper bass and overall music quality. Change is not overly dramatic, but
the drop in bass power with the ANC on is palpable.


Siros H5D’s wireless connectivity is compatible with
smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other Bluetooth supporting devices. The
suggested effective range is up to 32 feet. Though it is not that impressive
compared to the competition, it is decent enough to qualify as a gym companion.


The battery life of these headphones is just around 20 hours. The numbers are not that high, but if you run out of battery midday, you could always plug it directly in your phone for continuous use. Keep in mind that you can use the microphone only while connected via Bluetooth.

Microphone Quality

The Siros H5D support hands-free calling. This,
understandably, is not its best feature. The built-in microphone is mediocre.
The person on the other end of will still understand you, yet your voice will
sound somewhat muffled.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation

Final Verdict

The Siros H5D wireless headphones are a stylish pick for
certified ‘budgetarians’. The audio quality is not supreme. In the end, it is
the music on your list that matters, so budget-savvy and non-picky music lovers
will still get some degree of satisfaction. If you can get past the ANC
performance, the H5D will serve you well during your daily travel routine.

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