Stardew Valley-like magical farming RPG Alchemic Cutie launches this July

The world of Stardew Valley-likes is booming, even as I must raise my ever-present distress over the fact that we’re not calling them Harvest Moon-likes. But I guess if we did that, I’d have to get into the whole Story of Seasons thing every time, and… Well, that’s beside the point. Alchemic Cutie is a particularly adorable take on the farming RPG formula, and it’s just gone and gotten itself a release date.

Alchemic Cutie launches on July 27, which you might’ve seen if you tuned in during today’s New Game+ Expo stream. That trailer only made mention of a launch on Xbox platforms, but in a blog post, the devs confirmed that “from the day of the launch, Alchemic Cutie will be a timed exclusive for PC, Xbox One/S/X and the Xbox Series S/X.” Emphasis on the PC.

You’re getting plenty of what you expect from a mashup of farming games and RPG games – villagers to befriend, events to participate in, and an island to explore over a series of in-game seasons – but Alchemic Cutie has its own flavour too. The titular alchemy lets you craft magic items to help you along, and you’ll be able to raise a herd of Jellies to join you on your adventures.

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Check out the trailer below. You can more details over on the game’s Steam page.

Elsewhere in the world of Stardew Valley-likes, Coral Island has smashed its Kickstarter funding target by an order of magnitude. Times are good for fans of extremely cute farming.

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