Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Free for a Week

Free Week

Great news for Tom Clancy fans, as Rainbow Six Siege will be
free to try for a week. The Free Week will start August 28th and
will end on September 4th. The free version of the game will offer
access to all maps, modes, and over 20 Operators available in the full version.
So, the trial period is sure to give you the whole Siege experience over the
Free Week. Plus, all progress made during the free week period will be carried
over if you choose to purchase the game after the free trial is over.

A Free Week is right around the corner! Invite your friends to Get Good & Die Trying Aug 28 – Sept 3. Also, save up to 70% in one of our biggest sales ever!

— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) August 26, 2019

You can access the Free Week during the following times for
each platform:

PC: August 28th 13:00 UTC – September 4th
20:00 UTC

XBOX ONE: August 28th 08:01 UTC –
September 4th 07:59 UTC

PLAYSTATION 4: August 28th 13:00 UTC
– September 4th 13:00 UTC

Discounts and Expansion

Ubisoft has announced that there will be a 70% discount off
the Deluxe, Gold, and Ultimate versions. The discounts will be valid for a
limited time only. So, if you want to catch these promos, refer to the store
schedule below:

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PC (UBISOFT STORE): August 19th –
September 10th

PC (EPIC): August 27th – September 4th

PC (STEAM): August 27th – September 4th

XBOX ONE: August 27th – September 9th

PLAYSTATION 4: August 28th – September 9th

The free weekend is set to finish just before the new
expansion launch, Operation Ember Rise, scheduled for September. The expansion
is currently live on test servers, including the new impressive Kanal map

Battle Pass

Rainbow Six Siege is also catching up with the current trend
as they introduced Battle Passes during the Operation Ember Rise season.

“The Battle Pass is a great opportunity for us to
develop our universe,” said Siege narrative director Emmanuel Bajolle in a
promotional video. 

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